Become more weather-wise at Penn State Weather Camp.

Learn the answers to these questions:

  • How do storms form?
  • Why can’t we be certain of tomorrow’s weather?

Discover how to:

  • read and analyze weather charts
  • use forecast models to make predictions

Explore the world of weather by:

  • launching a weather balloon
  • surfing the world’s best Internet weather sites
  • simulating a hurricane

Step into a meteorologist’s job by:

  • making a weather forecast each day
  • presenting your own TV weathercast

You will have the opportunity to:

  • explore the underlying principles of meteorology
  • learn how to use scientific methods while exploring various aspects of the atmosphere
  • acquire valuable knowledge of the present, past, and future states of the atmosphere
  • analyze surface weather maps and watch the release of a weather balloon
  • create a weather broadcast and take a video copy home to share with your family, friends, fellow science students, and teachers

Other experiences:

  • You can learn about the various facilities and resources in the University Park area that are instrumental in the study and forecasting of the atmosphere.
  • You will tour the local National Weather Service office, the Weather World studios, and AccuWeather. You will have a wonderful opportunity to see firsthand how state-of-the-art meteorological equipment can be used to improve weather forecasting.

Finally, you will get a glimpse of the various careers associated with meteorology. By the end of the camp you will have an appreciation for the wonders, complexity, and beauty of the atmosphere, and for people who have chosen careers in meteorology.